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High Voltage Insulation Tester MS5215 /

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● Broad Range of Testing Voltage:
-Testing voltages with broad range can be generated (from 250 V to 5 KV).
-Testing voltage can be preset as 250 V, 500 V, 1 KV, 2.5 KV, or 5 KV, or as a voltage increasing or decreasing in steps   of 25 V or 100 V.
● Insulation Diagnosis:
-PI and DAR can be automatically calculated and displayed;
-Step-voltage measurements and temperature compensation is carried out.
● Large Storage Memory:
-Up to 100 manually tested data and 10 groups of log-test data can be saved.
-Test data can be read on LCD, or uploaded to PC
● Clear Display:
-Large-screen display. Test result is displayed with indication through a graduation bar.
-LCD screen is backlit, which is suitable for viewing when it is dark.
● PC Communication:
-The meter is equipped with a USB interface, through which the saved test data can be uploaded to a PC for further table/figure making and report generating with convenience.
● Robust and Durable:
-With a compact structure, the tester is robust, durable and portable.
● Powered by Batteries:
-With a selection switch, the tester can be powered by an alkaline battery.
-This tester can be continuously operated for a longer period of time than similar meters if a LR14 alkaline battery is used.

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